Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Percy Bradshaw's comments about Ern Shaw

Percy V. Bradshaw thought very highly of Ern Shaw and in 1946 wrote the foreword in Ern Shaw's book, 'How to become a successful Cartoonist'. He said of the cartoonist that, 'I'm delighted to have the opportunity of introducing Ern Shaw to you, and of giving my blessing to this little book. For Ern Shaw was one of my first pupils and I have watched with growing amazement the inexhaustible range of work and the irrepressible enthusiasm of this Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. I am always staggered at the variety and quality of work which he displays. The first thing you will notice about Ern Shaw's drawings is the straight forward simplicity of his style. I wish that the pages in this book could have been reproduced in colour, for his fresh, bold colour is certainly one of Ern Shaw's very strong points'.'His comic people and animals can be seen in Children's books, card games, strip cartoons, sports cartoons and many more publications. The plump figures engaged in such cheerful adventures are very characteristic of Ern Shaw himself. I shall always be comforted to remember that I was privileged to help him when he was younger'.

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