Monday, March 9, 2009

Ern Shaw 1891-1986

British cartoonist, writer, illustrator, caricaturist and game creator Ernest Shaw, or Ern Shaw as he was known was born in Bean Street Hull in 1891.

When he left school, Ern Shaw worked for a draper for seven years and during this period he took a correspondence course in drawing, organized by the Press Art School, London, run by the founder and principal Percy V. Bradshaw. Percy V. Bradshaw was a well known artist, author and artists agent. In many cases, he spoke for the world of commercial art.

The course helped artists to develop their drawing skills by sending their work through the post to the school. Famous artists assessed their work and gave them advice on how to improve their drawing technique.The school also turned out famous artists like Joseph Booth Lee, who drew political cartoons for ‘The London’s Evening News’ and Barry Appleby who created The Gambols’ for the Daily Mail and many others.This course was the only artistic training Ern Shaw ever received.

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