Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ern Shaw Exhibition Ferens Art Gallery Hull Saturday 19th June-Sunday 10th October 2010

A quote by Ern Shaw from his book ‘How to become a successful Cartoonist’
"A sense of humour is a valuable asset, both in the case of an individual and a nation. Seeing the funny side, helps to develop our sense of proportion, minimise our troubles and may even change apparent causes of irritation into amusing episodes.”

After researching this very talented artists work for over 3 years I am delighted that the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull will be holding an exhibition of Ern Shaw's work in June this year.
Come and see examples of Ern Shaw’s work drawn from the 1920’s-1980’s. If you are a Hull City Football Club supporter do not miss the opportunity to see a selection of football cartoons drawn by Ern Shaw.

Cartoonist Patrick Blower will be holding workshops from 11.00am-3.00pm during the exhibition launch day on Saturday 19th June so come and see a professional cartoonist at work demonstrating modern day computer drawing equipment. It is also an opportunity for you to have a go too and join in other fun activities.

The exhibition will then continue for another 16 weeks and closes on Sunday 10th October.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in my research. I have met and spoken to to a variety of people which has made my research a very enjoyable experience.

For further information concerning the Ern Shaw Exhibition, please click here.

Modern computer drawing equipment today
In the 1980’s, new drawing technology using computers was being developed in Japan. In 1983, the first graphics tablet and cordless pen was launched into the market by the Japanese company Wacom.
Historically, the pen and paintbrush have been the most familiar tools used by man as a means of communication and expression – it is therefore quite natural that in the age of computers, the pen should be rediscovered. Wacom focused on developing and promoting the pen as a means to facilitate creativity in graphics.

What is the Graphics Tablet and Pen?
The Graphics Tablet is a computer device that allows artists, graphic designers, architects, and cartoonists, to hand-draw images and graphics, similar to the way images are drawn with a pencil/pen and paper. It consists of a flat surface upon which the user draws an image using a cordless pen. The image is then displayed on the computer monitor.
Today Wacom has established itself as the leader in the world market for pen tablets and pioneers in the development of the pen as a computer input device. Since the early days in the 1980’s Wacom has continued to develop a wide range of powerful graphics programmes. Today graphics professionals can produce conventional drawings on the computer using the tablets drawing and writing tools – from the paintbrush to the pen and pencil, crayon to charcoal and image editing tools.

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