Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Cartoon in advertising

Quote by Ern Shaw’s book ‘ How to become a successful Cartoonist’

“Advertising presents almost unlimited scope for the artist who can emphasize the selling points of an advertisement in humorous pictorial form. Of course, it is not every commodity which lends itself to humorous treatment. In some instances its employment would be in rank bad taste and ‘good taste’ is one of the very first essentials in advertising”

“I did a series of advertisements for a Broadcast Relay Service, which was really ‘Radio on tap’ so to speak. Subscribers merely moved a switch and the programme flowed out of their loud speaker. I was asked to design a series of humorous cartoons which emphasized the fact that a subscriber could be so charmed with the excellence of the reception that he or she might forget an important appointment. In designing this class of advertisement, do not let your sketch occupy a larger proportion of the available space than is absolutely sufficient to catch the eye and convey your message. Room must be allowed for a number of lines of ‘copy’ as well as for the name of the commodity advertised.”

Using cartoon characters in advertising today
Harassed parents out shopping with their offspring may notice a distinct pattern to the products that children drag down from the shelves. The chances are that their choices will have nothing to do with the flavour, say, of a can of soup - or the exact specifications of a toy car. It's more likely that the kids are responding simply because the product is being sold by one of their favourite cartoon characters.
Companies selling breakfast cereals, crisps and sweets are some of the heaviest users of branded cartoon characters. Using cartoons to sell games and toys also remains as popular as ever. Through these characters advertisers can communicate the 'fun' elements of their products to kids. The advertisers know that children will recognise the character and start to pester their parents for the product.

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